Twintech gf 7600 gs 512 mo

twintech gf 7600 gs 512 mo

Graphic GeForce GS was equipped with Mb GDDR3 with bit interface and Mhz PCI-E Mb Mhz bit 2xDVI TV YPrPb. Carte Graphique PC NVIDIA GeForce GS MB DDR2 DVI HDTV AGP Carte graphique vidéo twintech geforce - mo ddr2 - agp 8x - Parf. état. Camera · TwinTech GeForce GS MB, ? ? Camera, inno3D GeForce GS 0dB Silent, , , bit, MB, DL-DVI / VGA, y, -, y, -, -. nVidia GeForce 7600 GS overclock

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